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Short Ends - It's Personal: The Power & Purpose of Passion Projects

Oct. 20, 2015

If you've ever had a desire to start (or finish) that passion project, THIS is the episode for you. 

In all the years I've interviewed creatives from filmmaking to photography to music, a common theme I always hear is the necessity and desire to produce passion projects and personal work. In today's "Short Ends" episode, you will be inspired to complete your own. You'll glean insights into both the artistic and commercial justifications for doing personal work.

I follow up on my own journey to produce my passion project "Mixed in America," first referenced in RFS episode 3 "S.O.S. Atlantis." You'll hear me share some raw emotions via audio diaries I kept during the production.

You'll hear from Vimeo darlings Dan Riordan and Dana Saint of Gnarly Bay Productions. They share why they do personal work and how it's helped their business.

Canadian filmmaker Brent Foster of Foster Visuals shares how regret led him to produce his popular personal project "While I'm Here: The Legacy Project."

Finally, you'll be inspired by the words of Atlanta filmmaker Brandon McCormick of Whitestone Motion Pictures on why he perseveres as a filmmaker, despite dark times.

Music in this Episode

In a dramatic change from the norm, ALL the music from today's episode is courtesy of Song Freedom. Tune in to learn how you can get a free song. Click here to see the Song Freedom mixtape with all the songs. Here's a list of songs used:

  • "How Sweet You Are" - Opening
  • "Thinking",which starts at 8:28 (the two songs prior to that are part of Gnarly Bay's videos. See below)
  • "Scars" - during Brent's interview
  • "Candle Light" at 15:14
  • "Gravity" - final song through the credits


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