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RFS007 Mind Your Masters Pt. 2 - Invisible Influences

Dec. 1, 2015

Today we continue our discussion - should filmmakers of today study the masters of yesterday?

When we left off on this discussion, we heard from a wide range of filmmakers (and a photographer) that studying the masters was important. Today we hear from a wide range of filmmakers (and a photographer again) who will give insight into 1) why it’s important to study the masters, and 2) the issue of copying. We'll hear from David Shulman, Director of the Seattle Film Institute, Julieanne Kost (Adobe's leading Photoshop evangelist), my film school prof, Zaki Lisha of De Anza College, and the director of the interactive documentary "Hollow," Elaine McMillion Sheldon.

You'll also hear some listener feedback and I'll give you a quick primer on song licensing. (Travis Johansen of Provid Films has a great question about podcast use of songs.)

Lastly, after the credits, we have a sneak peek at upcoming shows.

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