Wooden Overcoats

Season 3 Episode 3: Rudyard Takes a Hike

March 8, 2018

A funeral goes wrong when Rudyard gets lost in the woods with a troop of Scouts and a dead body.

by Rosie Fletcher

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Directors - Andy Goddard and John Wakefield
Production Manager - Elizabeth Campbell
Music - James Whittle and the Piffling Philharmonic
Script Editor - David K. Barnes
Recorded at the Artspace Studio Brixton
Announcer - Eleanor Rushton

Rudyard Funn - Felix Trench
Antigone Funn - Beth Eyre
Eric Chapman - Tom Crowley
Georgie Crusoe - Ciara Baxendale
Madeleine - Belinda Lang
Calliope - Alice Osmanski
Douglas - Kathryn Bond
Martin - Rebecca Boey

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