Mom Struggling Well

Problem Solved: Love Episode

Feb. 14, 2017

In this segment we impress one another with our Valentine's Day trivia.  We also recount what it was like when we were dating our husbands. Rebecca admits that it's harder to find money laying on the street than she thought, and Emily admits she is too germaphobic to sit on the comfy chairs at Starbucks.

Also, Rebecca schedules her groceries to be delivered to her house during her talk with Emily just to rub it in that she gets her groceries delivered since Emily is on a budget.  This part is purely conjecture, but I (Emily) am the one writing these words so I'm just gonna pretend that this is a fact.

The episode concludes when our kids interrupt us both at precisely the same time. Enough with the grown up conversation already.

All in all, it's a pretty life-changing conversation that you won't want to miss...

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