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Ep. 144: White Girls and Diversity with Nika Spaulding

June 18, 2018

Meet Nika Spaulding, a dynamic force with boundless energy. As the Director of Women’s Equipping and Curriculum at Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Nika produces the curriculum for her Bible studies for women of all ages. She successfully balances her love of shepherding women with her love of theology. Her classes of more than 500 women are centered around God’s Word, which is sure to transform and inspire those in her care.

What we chat about:

  • why diversity is so important to Nika and to God
  • starting hard conversations with people of color
  • awareness of the racial injustices in the system
  • how white people can advocate for minorities
  • why is knowing Theology important
  • the definition of "apologetics"

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