Feel Good Podcast with Kimberly Snyder

Episode 159: EMF Radiation Secrets with Daniel & Ryan DeBaun & the Longevity-Beauty Connection!

May 11, 2017

When we think of longevity, we often think about old age way out into the future. But that's a limited perspective, because longevity secrets—especially those from the East—can help us look and feel better now. Tony and I discuss some of the strategies that can make a difference in your health, beauty... adding years to your life, and life to your years.  Next, I have two very special guests that I'm so excited about today, Daniel and Ryan DeBaun, who are a father and son combination. They co-wrote and co-authored the book Radiation Nation, which is the topic we'll be discussing today and is something that I touch upon briefly in my latest book, Radical Beauty. Listen in, as the DeBaun's explain what Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF), is, where they come from, how we're affected by them, and what we can do to protect ourselves. [BULLETS] Tony shares how longevity can impact us in the here and now... We discuss how longevity secrets can refute some of the accepted ideas of how aging looks at a certain age... How nutrition is a huge component to our vitality and how the Beauty Detox lifestyle benefits our overall wellbeing... Why it's important to reevaluate our whole lifestyle perspective... Tony shares how Beauty Detox is in line with the book, "Look Younger, Live Longer", and how eating a plant-based lifestyle brings more vitality... How sources of electromagnetic radiation are the sources that we've built into our life... Ways in which the devices we use on a daily basis debilitate the body... We share scientific evidence on the impact this radiation can have on male and female organs, and their reproductive systems... Ways to reduce exposure and shield your body from radiation... We discuss energy levels and how to make better choices when it comes to using Bluetooth devices... The DeBaun's share how Defender Shield works and why they stand out from other shield products... We discuss their book, Radiation Nation and how they became interested in EMF... How the increase in these devices may contribute to ADHD and other symptoms found in children as well as adults... [FEATURED GUESTS] About Daniel DeBaun Daniel is an internationally recognized and influential expert in shielding electronic emissions and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) protection, with particular focus on the effect of exposure from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and cell phones. Daniel's concern regarding the health impact of electronic radiation emissions grew from over 30 years of engineering experience in the telecommunications industry where he held a variety of leadership and executive positions. Daniel is the inventor of DefenderShield®, the most effective EMF radiation protection technology for mobile devices ever developed. Daniel is a highly-regarded author, industry consultant, writer, and speaker as well as frequent guest on national radio and television programs, discussing EMF health issues. About Ryan DeBaun Ryan is a proven innovator specializing in creative development and communications. As co-founder of DefenderShield®, he leads operations and strategy, leveraging his unique and vast experience across all aspects of business, media and technology. Throughout his career, Ryan has held many roles including manager, producer, creative director, designer, and writer for many of the largest media companies in the world. With a passion for health and wellness, Ryan is considered an industry leader, educating worldwide communities about EMF and its potential health issues, while driving the development of the most effective shielding solutions ever produced. About Anthony Flores, or "T" as Kimberly affectionately refers to him: He is a long-time friend of hers who, after graduating from Stanford University, began researching and writing professionally in the health space full-time. He has a passion for natural health, especially Beauty Detox,...

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