Sports Motivation Podcast

Business Strategy Series Part 1: The Deadliest Mistakes that Stop Entrepreneurs from Making Money and Impact

Aug. 31, 2018

I am going to spend the next few episodes breaking down some practical business strategies...things I've learned from going from nothing, to a multiple 6 figures business in just 2 years. Today is about the mistakes "entrepreneurs" make that keep them broke and irrelevant.

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Introduction to the Business Strategy Series

(6:47) Today’s agenda

(7:30) The value of being an entrepreneur in 2018

(10:12) Deadly Mistake #1: Over-idolizing

(12:52) Deadly Mistake #2: Not having a clear vision/goals

(15:04) Deadly Mistake #3: Moving too slow

(18:16) Deadly Mistake #4: Randomness

(20:48) Deadly Mistake #5: Being impatient and unrealistic

(23:27) Deadly Mistake #6: Stupid-thinking

(35:04) Deadly Mistake #7: Lack of a “big-picture strategy”

(36:17) Are you suffering from any of these mistakes?

(37:02) A preview of the rest of the series

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