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Business Strategy Series Part 2: 7 Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Be Able to Answer (before you launch your business)

Sept. 4, 2018

In part 2 of the business strategy series, I break down some essential questions that you've got to be able to answer before you start your business. If you've already started, this episode is even MORE important for you.

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Leave an impact with your business

(3:40) Well-established companies still lack answers to some of the most important questions

(5:08) Question #1: What is your financial end-game?

(6:19) PEN + PAD: What’s your ultimate lifestyle cost per month? 

(8:49) PEN + PAD: How much $ does your business have to pay you, for you to live this lifestyle, pay your taxes, and fund your investment strategy?

(14:05) Question #2: What does perfection look like to you?

(15:00) Question #3: When do you plan on making this financial goal happen? (Benchmarks)

(15:38) Question #4: What is the purpose of your brand?

(17:40) Question #5: What is YOUR story?

(18:47) Question #6: What is the brand identity of the people that you serve?


(20:00) Question #7: What is your vision for the people that you are serving?

(22:05) This is just the beginning of your business plan

(22:56) Coming this Friday: How to become a content creation machine!


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