FPL Surgery Podcast

24thEpisode - GW38 - Obvious pick Sanchez

May 12, 2016

Twenty forth episode of the Fantasy Football Surgery Podcast, it's nail biting times as the final week of the fantasy football marathon approaches. Are you chasing the top or struggling to beat the drop? Lucky for you our panel boasts teams at both ends of the spectrum! The big hitters are all in the pot and in form for the final game week, with Sanchez, Kun, KDB, Hazard and Martial in the panels thoughts. Does the absence of Welbeck give rise however to an FF legend in Theo Walcott? The panel air their views whether Wally the whippet would leave us wielding our fists or just wondering why we chose him! (Do you like what we did with w alliteration there?) Differentials unearths some beauties with saints the talk of the surgery scrubs room. Bully serves up a slice of Antonio humble pie after falling victim to Parker's golden buzzer in past game weeks! The quiz rumbles on it really is make or break for Parker. Win and he takes the Beard to the final game week. Lose? Well let's just say the soon to be crowned multiple mini league winner will have to repeat with a less than fashionable holding midfielder next season! Tune in for all this and more on the pod that just keeps giving! Please join our Fantasy Football Surgery Podcast league - 256323-787353 www.fantasyfootballsurgery.com www.facebook.com/fantasyfootballsurgery Twitter - @FF_Surgery

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