FPL Surgery Podcast

63rdEpi - GWBlackout - Season review

May 28, 2017

63rdEpi - GWBlackout - Season review It's the end of a truly eventful FPL season and the surgeons have nothing to prep for! However, we must celebrate our successes, mourn our failures and learn from our endeavours to grow as FPL managers, so a final pod felt necessary! Tom Campbell joins the surgeons to discuss the final game weeks, best and worst decisions from the season, what we would do differently and who we have our minds set on for next season! Find out who won the Surgery Podcast mini league and how did the battle between Iceman and Bully play out? It was VERY close and went to the final day but which surgeon wins the crown for this season? We answer your twitter questions and plan a morbid summer, as we round out the FPL season in this edition of the fantasy football surgery podcast! UP THE POD! https://soundcloud.com/fantasyfootballsurgery/ www.fantasyfootballsurgery.com www.facebook.com/fantasyfootballsurgery Twitter - @FF_Surgery Email - [email protected]

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