So Ordered

Reproductive Rights: Griswold v. Connecticut

Jan. 29, 2016

We start our reproductive rights arc with Griswold v. Connecticut, the first case the Supreme Court heard on the subject. The issue in 1965 was whether a state could ban the sale, advice, or use of contraception for married couples, as Connecticut had. The Court tackled the notion of privacy as a constitutional right for the first time, and several important themes set the stage for the many legal battles to follow. Join us this episode for something different - we'll play you important clips from the argument and discuss them with Professor Christopher Schmidt of Illinois Tech Chicago-Kent College of Law and ISCOTUS.

(Join us for an exploration of a related case every week leading up to the beginning of March 2016, when the Court hears Whole Woman's Health v. Cole, the case about Texas' abortion law.) neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.