Poop Culture

Poop Culture 95 - Celebrity Gang Bang

Aug. 9, 2017

Its episode 95 fellow poopers and this week we bring you an unforgettable episode! The bad boys of banter play a new game named Celebrity Gang Bang! Lube up your earholes for this one you will need it! What do Danny Devito and Dick Van Dyke have in common? Hint: It's not what you think! Did JFK and Michael Dukakis show up at the same social functions? Speaking of the Kennedys, was Connor the only one Taylor Swift had her uhhh ...eye on? Will Serena Williams get Grand Slammed? No game would ever be complete without a visit from the Marvel Universe. We find out the shocking truth behind Galactus’s sexual desires and Emma Frost can get you has hard as a diamond apparently.We even found a way to include The Triple Lindy! This episode you will just have to hear to believe! Who will win? Who will Lose? Who will wear a ball gag? This weeks show brought to you by our friends at SMYRX.net use promo code PCEU at checkout for 15% off! Visit us on the world wide web! www.poopculture.com

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