Awesome Marriage Podcast

Best of Podcast: Letting Go of the Past & Creating a New Life: Second Marriage

June 29, 2019

Here at Awesome Marriage, our hope is that every first marriage would work out and thrive and we believe this is God’s design. But we know divorce happens and we have seen couples who commit to Christ have God-honoring, thriving second marriages. The ministry of Awesome Marriage is for all couples who want to have an awesome marriage by submitting themselves to God and this certainly includes couples who are in a second marriage.

We are here for the marriage you are in now to help you make it thrive and honor God.

Many times, second marriages can be complicated and come with baggage. But there are practical things you can do to help your second marriage thrive. In this episode Dr. Kim & Christina talk specifically about: letting go of the past and creating your new life together.

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