Awesome Marriage Podcast

How To Have A Thriving Relationship with a 3 | Ep. 387

Dec. 19, 2019

We are continuing our Enneagram Series with Beth McCord talking about How to Have A Thriving Relationship with an Enneagram 3. For the next several weeks Beth will be breaking down some real, practical tips for being married to each Enneagram number. 

If you are married to a 3 this is YOUR episode. But even if you aren’t married to a 3, we know you will find this episode helpful in learning more about your 3 friends. Part of loving people is knowing people. So use this series as a tool to know your people better, understand them deeper, and love them better. 

Beth McCord founded ‘Your Enneagram Coach’ and has been an Enneagram speaker, coach and teacher for over 17 years. She is seriously the best of the best so we are so blessed to have her share her time and expertise with us. 

Having been trained by the best Enneagram experts and pouring hundreds of hours into advanced certifications, Beth is leading the industry in simplifying the deep truths of the Enneagram from a Biblical perspective. Beth does one-on-one coaching, in-person events and workshops and online courses. She also offers training and support for those interested in becoming an Enneagram coach. So make sure you give her a follow on Instagram @yourennegramcoach and check out her website for more great info. 

We pray you enjoy learning more about 3s in this episode! 


  • “The core fear of Type 3’s is that they’ll be exposed as incompetent, ineffecient, or worthless.” - Beth McCord
  • “Type 3’s desire to have high status, respect, to be valuable.” - Beth McCord
  • “Type 3’s deceive themselves into believing that they’re only the image that they present to others.” - Beth McCord
  • “Type 3’s love having checklists and things to accomplish.” - Beth McCord
  • “Type 3’s feel like they have to do in order to get.” - Beth McCord
  • “The core longing for a Type 3 is to hear ‘you are loved and valued for simply being you.” - Beth McCord
  • “Whenever you hear ‘I have to’ replace it with ‘I get to.’” - Beth McCord
  • “When a Type 3 is doing well they’re calm, good communicators, and efficient. When doing well they’re irritated, self-promoting, and impatient” - Beth McCord
  • “Type 3’s can detach from emotions in order to get things done.” - Beth McCord
  • “Communicate with Type 3’s that you understand their fear and that you aren’t trying to harm their image.” - Beth McCord
  • “You don’t want to interrupt a Type 3 when they’re focused or working.” - Beth McCord
  • “Type 3’s need a lot of encouragement, affirmation is huge for Type 3’s.” - Beth McCord
  • “When you’re communicating with Type 3’s keep things positive and have a plan for going forward.” - Beth McCord
  • “It’s unrealistic to expect a Type 3 to expose their own emotions.” - Beth McCord
  • “Type 3’s have pushed aside their feelings and identity in order to become whatever others want them to become.” - Beth McCord
  • “Type 3’s want to come at conflict with a problem solving approach.” - Beth McCord
  • “Type 3’s need to learn how to be a human being, not a human doing.” - Beth McCord
  • “When Type 3’s are no longer focused on their own image and are instead focused on the image of their family, group or community, they can do amazing things for the Kingdom of God.” - Beth McCord
  • “Healthy Type 3’s can achieve and accomplish so much.” - Beth McCord
  • “Type 3’s bring inspiring insight and vision.” - Beth McCord
  • “Type 3’s know how to come alongside people and meet needs.” - Beth McCord


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