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Interview with Literary Agent Jennifer March Soloway (Part 2) :: Stories Unbound #18

March 8, 2017

In part one, we talked about query letters and how to submit your work to an agent with Jennifer March Soloway, Associate Agent at Andrea Brown Literary Agency. Today in part two we talk about: - Beginning writer? Learn more on how to get started! - What makes a great Critique Group – and why you need one. - Why you should learn to think like an Editor. - What Jennifer looks for in a writing submission. - Important things to consider before signing with an Agent. Listen to 'Stories Unbound' Episode 18: [download the mp3] [subscribe in iTunes] Join Us On The Storytellers’ Summit: Whether you write children’s books, screenplays or novels… …or draw storyboards or comics: You are a storyteller. …and every storyteller understands that turning our lofty thoughts into a finished work often feels like an uphill climb… The Storytellers’ Summit – an online course at The Oatley Academy – will provide guidance from some of the entertainment industry’s best teachers. We’ll help you master fundamental concepts like: - Developing your protagonist - Building a believable world - Constructing a compelling plot - Finding your voice - Fighting writer’s block Your story is waiting. Join The Storytellers’ Summit today! Awesome Links: Connect with Jennifer on Twitter Andrea Brown Literary Agency Connect with Shawna on Twitter Music by Ryan Keith and Wes Cepin Learn More: Building Your Kidlit Career: Agents Launching Your Kidlit Career (Part 2): Critique Groups How to Gather Healthy Critique Groups and Collaborators What Do You Think? Jennifer talks about how giving feedback to others can help you become a better writer. How has giving feedback to others helped you with your own writing or illustrating? Share your thoughts in the comments below! The post Interview with Literary Agent Jennifer March Soloway (Part 2) :: Stories Unbound #18 appeared first on The Oatley Academy of Visual Storytelling. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.