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Interview with Scholastic Editor Orli Zuravicky :: Stories Unbound #19

April 18, 2017

Orli Zuravicky is a Senior Editor at Scholastic and the author of the forthcoming Happily Ever Afterlife middle grade novel series. In this interview we talk about: - How an Editor chooses an Illustrator. - How to approach an Editor at a conference. - How being an Editor helped Orli become a better writer. - Why manuscript submissions get rejected. - Why there are more opportunities in Kidlit now than ever before. Listen to 'Stories Unbound' Episode 19: [ download the mp3 ] [ subscribe in iTunes ] Join Us On The Storytellers’ Summit: Whether you write children’s books, screenplays or novels… …or draw storyboards or comics: You are a storyteller. …and every storyteller understands that turning our lofty thoughts into a finished work often feels like an uphill climb… The Storytellers’ Summit – an online course at The Oatley Academy – will provide guidance from some of the entertainment industry’s best teachers. We’ll help you master fundamental concepts like: - Developing your protagonist - Building a believable world - Constructing a compelling plot - Finding your voice - Fighting writer’s block Your story is waiting. Join The Storytellers’ Summit today! Awesome Links: Orli Zuravicky Scholastic Publishing Happily Ever Afterlife (Shawna's Affiliate Link) Connect with Shawna on Twitter Music by Ryan Keith and Wes Cepin Share Your Thoughts: Today Orli helped us understand what it’s like to be an Editor at a major publishing house. What did you learn about the Editor’s role that you didn’t know before? The post Interview with Scholastic Editor Orli Zuravicky :: Stories Unbound #19 appeared first on The Oatley Academy of Visual Storytelling. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.