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098 Matt Thornton on fatherhood and being fully in present with kids

Dec. 12, 2016

Matt is a dad of four with fifth one on the way.

He’s the founder of SBG (Straight Blast Gym) – one of the best MMA-style gyms in the world with 50+ locations around the world. He has trained many world-class fighters and coaches.

When he first became a dad he was still in his early twenties and chasing his career goals. He wasn’t as available for his family as he wished he had been.

Now, almost two decades later he’s made a conscious decision to give his best to be fully present when he’s with his two younger ones.

Matt has a unique insights from his own fatherhood experience and his research. He’s been working on a book about violence and has found fatherlessness to be one of the main cause of violence in USA.

So, we’ll get into many interesting topics like:

Matt’s 2 tips for new dads.

The connection between crime rates and youngsters not having a male role model in their lives.

Work-life balance and spending quality time with kids.

Importance of creating boundaries in your life.

Tune in!


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