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GRP 166-The art of living well and the art of dying well are one: A conversation with two Ukrainian Special Forces Operators

Dec. 7, 2022

Two active-duty Ukrainian Special Forces Operators are joining me for this week's podcast. Back on the show is Mikko, and joining us for the first time is his teammate Quebec. Quebec joined Special Forces in 2014 when the Russians annexed Crimea.

He was wounded during a battle in eastern Ukraine, leading to his retirement from the military. He later worked as a security contractor in Afghanistan. Once Russia invaded Ukraine, he went back into Special Forces and has been fighting ever since. We discussed the Partisan movement and undercover operations in Russian-controlled territory, Bahkmut, the Wagner Group, and much more. Tune in.

Main Takeaways

  • Quebec's path into Ukrainian Special Forces
  • Deployed to Afghanistan as a security contractor
  • Undercover operations in Russian-controlled territory
  • Bakhmut, the location of the heaviest fighting in the war
  • Quebec's father was killed fighting the Russians
  • Assaulting Russian positions in Kherson


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