The Crossover NBA Show with Chris Mannix

The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski and Orlando Magic Head Coach Frank Vogel

June 28, 2016

Chris is joined by Yahoo! Sports' The Verticals NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski to talk about the NBA Draft, the top draft picks what surprised him the most about the draft. Also, Orlando Magic head coach Frank Vogel joins The Vertical this week to discuss why he took the Magic coaching job when many other teams had an opening. It's all here and more on The Vertical Podcast with Chris Mannix. Here are some key moments: Adrian Wojnarowski 0:50: Mannix and Woj discuss the upcoming free-agency craziness. 5:05: How locker rooms will be impacted by inflated salaries this summer. 7:15: What should we expect from Kevin Durant’s free agency? 14:20: The players who are likely to re-sign with their current teams, including DeMar DeRozan. 17:43: Al Horford’s free agency and what comes next for the Hawks. 21:34: Will a team quickly offer Harrison Barnes a big offer to try and hurt the Warriors? 26:17: Dwight Howard’s free agency and how the league views him. 31:43: Hassan Whiteside’s free agency and the difficult position the Heat are in. 35:25: The Spurs’ offseason plans, including targeting Pau Gasol. 38:20: The dysfunctional Sacramento Kings. 43:41: Ricky Rubio’s future with the Timberwolves. 46:04: Bismack Biyombo’s lucrative playoff run. Frank Vogel 51:44: Vogel’s quick turnaround between leaving the Pacers and joining the Magic. 55:34: Did Vogel consider taking a year off between coaching jobs? 57:17: Vogel and Mannix discuss whether the Pacers overachieved last season. 1:02:37: Did Vogel's voice still resonate in the Pacers' locker room? 1:04:03: Vogel’s final phone call with Pacers president Larry Bird. 1:05:21: Vogel explains why he chose the Magic over other head-coaching jobs. 1:07:58: The importance of the relationship between head coach and general manager. 1:09:25: Vogel’s plans for how the Magic will play next season. 1:13:04: What went wrong for the Magic last season? neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.