Front End Happy Hour

Episode 001 - The state of web development

March 1, 2016

For our very first episode of the Front End Happy Hour podcast, we have our panelists (Augustus Yuan, Derrick Showers, Jem Young, Ryan Anklam and Ryan Burgess) discuss their opinions on the Medium article posted in early January, titled "The Sad State of Web Development", written by Drew Hamlett. The panel shares their thoughts on front end tools and how they view the current state of web development. Items mentioned in the episode: Gulp, Grunt, Broccoli JS, npm, Babel, Sass, PostCSS, React, Ember, Angular Panelists: Augustus Yuan - @augburto Derrick Showers - @derrickshowers Jem Young - @JemYoung Ryan Anklam - @bittersweetryan Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Picks: Ryan Burgess - Viking & Lumberjack Series Ryan Burgess - O’Reilly Fluent Conference Ryan Anklam - Ryan Anklam - Red Rising Trilogy Jem Young - Syntax Con Jem Young - Planet Money Jem Young - MacBook Selfie Stick Derrick Showers - Let’s Encrypt Derrick Showers - Product Hunt Augustus Yuan - Github Scientist neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.