Front End Happy Hour

Episode 004 - ES6 and a Six Pack

April 5, 2016

ECMAScript 6 was a major release for the JavaScript language. There’s a lot of great new features that have been added. In this episode we discuss how you can start using ES6 today and what we’ll start seeing in the next year for the latest update to ECMAScript. We share our favorite features and the best ways to learn and stay up to date with new features. Items mentioned in the episode: ESNext, Ben Lesh - Netflix JavaScript Talks - RxJS Version 5, Ponyfoo blog, 5 Minutes of JavaScript, Compat Table ES6, Facebook Codemod Panelists: Derrick Showers - @derrickshowers Jem Young - @JemYoung Ryan Anklam - @bittersweetryan Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Brian Holt - @holtbt Augustus Yuan - @augburto Sarah Federman - @sarah_federman Picks: Ryan Anklam - 1Password Ryan Anklam - Vim Tabular Ryan Anklam - 90s Hip Hop Ryan Burgess - Elegant React with ES6 (and a bit of ES7) - React Rally Ryan Burgess - Lot 40 Whiskey Sarah Federman - HTML5 Please Sarah Federman - Death Medieval Sarah Federman - Microsoft AI Bot Jem Young - ES6 Cheatsheet Jem Young - Cult of the Party Parrot Derrick Showers - Babel’s “try it out” Derrick Showers - Latest greatest webapp Derrick Showers - Trello Augustus Yuan - Tilt Brush Augustus Yuan - Cotton Bureau Augustus Yuan - Spacemacs Brian Holt - The little Schemer Brian Holt - Frontend Masters Brian Holt - Ellee neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.