Front End Happy Hour

Episode 005 - Interviews make us drink

April 15, 2016

In order to work professionally as a front end developer, there is always an intense interview process. In this episode, we share our experiences and thoughts on the interviews we’ve done in the past. Not only have we had experience being interviewed, we’ve also had a lot of experience interviewing other engineers for jobs at our companies. We share things we’re looking for when we interview candidates to join our teams. Items mentioned in the episode: Eclipse, Othello, Big O notation, FizzBuzz, Ryan Anklams famous t-shirt, War of the Worlds radio broadcast Panelists: Derrick Showers - @derrickshowers Jem Young - @JemYoung Ryan Anklam - @bittersweetryan Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Brian Holt - @holtbt Augustus Yuan - @augburto Sarah Federman - @sarah_federman Picks: Ryan Burgess - Aerial screensaver Ryan Burgess - Amazon Dash Buttons Ryan Burgess - Front End Happy Hour Playlist Ryan Anklam - Escape app Ryan Anklam - Best of Old Time Radio Podcast Ryan Anklam - Dusty Kid - Beyond That Hill Sarah Federman - Lindsey Stirling Sarah Federman - SizeUp (osx windows management) Jem Young - EmpireJS Jem Young - Aphex Swift Jem Young - Netflix Menus Derrick Showers - Code Climate Derrick Showers - Slack themes Augustus Yuan - Massdrop Augustus Yuan - Elevator Saga Augustus Yuan - Pretty Thoughts Alina Baraz & Galimatias Brian Holt - AtHack! Brian Holt - Annie Cannons Brian Holt - Scroobius Pip Brian Holt - Baths Brian Holt - M83 neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.