Front End Happy Hour

Episode 013 - Drinking in the present to learn future JavaScript

Aug. 18, 2016

In episode 13 of the Front End Happy Hour podcast, we’re joined by Jafar Husain from Netflix to talk with us about the future of JavaScript. Jafar is part of the TC-39 committee that helps determine the future specs of ECMAScript. Jafar shares a lot of interesting insights into how the committee works and how a feature makes it's way into the spec. Jafar also talks to us about Observables and cancellable promises. Items mentioned in the episode TC-39, ECMAScript, Iterators and Generators, Proxies, Observables, Promises, Evan Czaplicki, Yehuda Katz, Rust Language, TypeScript, Elm Language, PureScript, Flow, Jay Phelps, LazyDOM, Tracy Lee Picks Idris Language - Jafar Husain Status, process, and documents for ECMA262 - Ryan Burgess Octomore Scotch 07.1 - Ryan Burgess Morbotron - Jem Young Full Stack Toronto - Jem Young Glimmer 2 Deep Dive - Derrick Showers Rogue varieties - Derrick Showers I Really Like Angular 2 - Trailer for The Jeff Cross Show on Modern Web feat Jafar Husain - Brian Holt Modern Web Podcast - Brian Holt neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.