Front End Happy Hour

Episode 024 - The hangover of 2016

Jan. 16, 2017

As we look forward to all the great trends and changes that will happen in 2017, in this episode we discuss our thoughts and opinions on the various development trends and notable things that happened in 2016. Looking forward on 2017, we share some of the things we’re excited to see in the new year. Items mentioned in the episode: Preact, React, Inferno, Vue JS, Ember, Angular, Box, Yarn JS, Firefox, Mozilla, Microsoft, Edge, Chakra, Visual Studio Code, Flexbox, CSS Grid, IE, TypeScript, Elm, Flow, Webpack, Progressive Web Apps, React Native, Babel, Redux, WebKit, ES6, Safari, Apple AirPods, Apple MacBook Pro, iPhone 7, Service workers, Web workers, Apple Pay, WebVR, React VR, WebAssembly, Dear JavaScript, OpenSSL, Wearables, Brexit, 2016 US Election, SMACSS, BEM, PostCSS, CSS Houdini, Net Neutrality, Netflix, Atom, Sublime Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Jem Young - @JemYoung Ryan Anklam - @bittersweetryan Brian Holt - @holtbt Mars Jullian - @marsjosephine Stacy London - @stacylondoner Picks: Ryan Burgess - Electric Objects Frame Ryan Burgess - 2017 conference list Jem Young - Travelers Jem Young - Everyone Ryan Anklam - VIM - devicons Ryan Anklam - Runner’s World Podcast Brian Holt - Run The Jewels 3 Brian Holt - Fish Shell Mars Jullian - React Status Mars Jullian - Frontend focus Stacy London - Nuclide Stacy London - Yarn neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.