Front End Happy Hour

Episode 033 - One part beer, three parts web components. Add lemon to taste

May 8, 2017

In this episode, we are joined by Trey Shugart who is a front-end developer (Principal Developer) at Atlassian, proponent of web components, and author of SkateJS to talk about Web Components. Items mentioned in the episode Fast and the Furious 8, Skate JS, Preact, React, Chrome browser, Rust episode, Polymer, X-Tag, jQuery, Flux, Functional Programming, Safari, Firefox, Web Assembly, W3C, Progressive Web Apps, Ken Wheeler, Service Workers, Lighthouse, TypeScript, Flow, nwb, Nest, React, Angular, Ember, Jason Miller, Knockout, Dart Picks Flow Type - Trey Shugart Line 6 helix - Trey Shugart Skate Maintainers - Trey Shugart Jason Miller - Trey Shugart Ryan Anklam - Jem Young The Wee Baby Burgess - Austin Ryan Burgess - Jem Young Iron Fist - Jem Young Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist - Ryan Anklam Ancillary Justice - Ryan Anklam Flow Type - Brian Holt Babel Preset Env - Brian Holt Planned Parenthood - Brian Holt Web Developer Roadmap - Stacy London Broken Social Scene - Halfway Home - Stacy London neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.