Foodist with Darya Rose, Ph.D

How to Put Your Healthstyle Back Together After Having a Baby

Jan. 30, 2017

Rachel knew that having a baby would make it harder to maintain her healthstyle. But it's now been 18 months and she still hasn't found a way to regularly make the best choices and ends up eating out 2-3 nights per week. Her issue is that her old healthstyle––which she loved––required an amount of time and energy that simply aren't realistic for her anymore. She and her husband love to cook elaborate meals, but trying to fit it into their new baby life just isn't working. We also identify a few other invisible barriers that are blocking Rachel from fully utilizing her tiny New York kitchen. Subtle barriers can derail any well-intentioned healthstyle, but when you're exhausted and every single part of your life feels new and overwhelming, identifying and eliminating those barriers is extra hard. Together, Rachel and I come up with a few ways to simply her meals and make weekday cooking more practical. For complete show notes visit neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.