The Personal Image System Podcast

25: Silent Communication: Understanding Body Language

June 13, 2016

Show Notes:

Words do not express everything. In fact, often far more is communicated during a conversation through body language than through speech. But men tend to be poor readers of body language, and that’s what this episode is all about: To teach you how to understand what is being silently communicated to you.

One practical step is to start to understanding that everyone has a baseline of posture and body-movement. Observe this in the people you hang around with, to start to understand what is normal for them. Then, when something is a bit off, or different, you will be able to spot it quickly, and work to understand what is really going on.

Understanding body language is extremely important to your ability to communicate with anyone better. So much is communicated through body language, and if you’re bad at reading it, you will simply end up missing out on a lot of what is communicated! So learn how to read body language effectively and quickly on this episode of The Personal Image System Podcast!

Key Takeaways:

  • People don’t express everything through words. A lot is expressed through body language
  • Men tend, in general, to be worse at reading body language effectively
  • Try to understand not only what is being said, but what is not being said yet still communicate, so that you can ask the right questions
  • Practice looking for and understanding body language
  • Start by looking at posture and stance. In control? Aggressive? Laid-back?
  • Maintain eye contact to show strength and dominance. Don’t look down
  • Changing your stance and posture not only affects others, but also the way you feel and act
  • Do NOT look at your phone during conversation
  • Try to understand a baseline of what is common body language for someone, so that you can understand when something unusual is going on

Mindset Takeaway:

Pay careful attention to body language. Understand what someone’s baseline is, and when they are deviating from it in a way where you can understand that something could be silently being communicated.


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