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46: 10-Ways to Screw Yourself Over

Feb. 1, 2017

Show Notes:

A lot of people are their own worst enemies when it comes to accomplishing what they want in life, and today I am talking about the 10 mistakes that many people are making everyday that are making success, however they define it, more difficult for them.

If you look at the 10 mistakes listed below and identify any that tend to come up in your life over and over again, you can be reasonably sure that it is holding you back. So be aggressive about cutting it out! If you truly want to succeed in life, there are enough external things that make it difficult without you making it harder on yourself through your habits, your thought-processes, or your preconceived notions.

These are the 10 ways I see pop up in people over and over again, and if you can get rid of them, you will be miles ahead of most of the world.

The 10 Mistakes That Will Screw You Over:

  1. Making excuses for your habits and life
  2. Lacking the ability or discipline to focus
  3. Multitasking
  4. Ignoring discipline
  5. Waiting for the “perfect time”
  6. Trying to make things perfect
  7. Not preparing
  8. Saying yes to everything
  9. Choosing to stop learning
  10. Being a “lone wolf”

Mindset Takeaway:

Learn from the above 10-mistakes, and keep a lookout for where they may be trying to pop up in your life, to cut them out.


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