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56: Tailor Turns Down 100 Customers a Month

April 12, 2017

Show Notes:

Can you imagine, as a business owner or simply someone who understands the value of customers through the door, turning down 100 customers a month?! Believe it or not, there is a tailor who does exactly this, and I’m telling his story on today’s episode.

While people like this, who are deeply, passionately and artistically specialized in the work, are very expensive to work with, it can be worth it if the product is something you are deeply passionate about and have the money to invest in the experience of working with someone like this.

In general, though, his approach to his work teaches us a lot about what will cause you to stand out from the crowd in any industry: Passion, extreme craftsmanship, and a dedication to creating the best product possible.

General Takeaways:

  1. Know who your customer is, what you can give, what you can do, and what you can not.
  2. A lot of businesses promise the world. But honing in on your speciality, and knowing what you can and cannot do, is key.
  3. Most people are focused on purely making money. But there is a level that transcends that; one of art and extreme care.
  4. Look for artists who deeply specialize in what they do, if it really means alot to you, and enjoy the experience of working with them.

Mindset Takeaway:

If there’s one specific category or item you feel extremely passionate, consider tracking down a real artist in that field, someone who deeply specializes, and appreciate the experience of working with them.


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