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78: 5 Brand I’ve been Using For Over 5 Years

Sept. 6, 2017

Show Notes:

Finding a good brand can be very difficult. When we purchase a product we are making an investment, and we want to know that investment is supported by the company.

In order for me to find a brand I stand behind I need to know that it is not just a great product, but also that there is a customer support behind it. When things go wrong, and they always do, I want to know the company cares enough to resolve the situation.

On this episode of Real Men Real Style I reveal the 5 brands I’ve been using for over 5 years, which says a lot. These products range from shirt stays, to belt buckles, to leather conditioner.

Download this episode today to hear what brands you can count on, and that will have your back.

5 Brands I’ve Been Using For Over 5 Years:

  1. Sharp and Dapper
  2. Paul Evans
  3. Anson Belt and Buckle
  4. Ribbed Tee
  5. Leather Honey

Honorable mention:
Pete and Pedro


  • Shirt stays connects your shirt to your socks to keep your shirt tucked in and your socks held up.
  • Good companies will support the customer, and Amazon doesn’t.
  • Paul Evans sells great entry level shoes.
  • Anson is a father and son company with micro adjustment belts.
  • Ribbed Tee undershirts go lower and last a long time.
  • Leather honey works on anything leather and make it look great.
    • Don’t over use leather honey.
  • Pete and Pedro has a variety of hair products that work great.

Mindset Takeaway:

A good brand is about a great products and great customer service.


Sharp and Dapper

Paul Evans shoes or products (Use promo code RMRS100 for a $100 discount

Anson Belt and Buckle

Ribbed Tee

Leather Honey

Pete & Pedro

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