Dude Thats Not What I Meant

Episode TEN!!!!!

May 25, 2016

WHOOOAAAA!!! Ten Episodes in guys! I can't believe you we're still doing this. This is the, " Dude That's Not What I Meant" Podcast. Here on this podcast Adrienne Brandyburg and Rodescu Hopkins are all over the map! Rodescu thought he was recording the first 15 mins and realized he didn't. WHAT A IDIOT!!! Clearly Rodescu is still a rookie here. 


On this podcast we introduced a new segment called, " I'm Sorry". If you don't know we don't issue out many apologizes being that this is a comedy podcast, but Rodescu felt it was time to own up to his actions.


Adrienne and Rodescu also hand out a personal invite to Charles Wade. This guy has done fuck up shit and we wanted to send a personal invite to this creep so he can explain his actions.


Also someone got a new Dick. Not Adrienne, but some joker in New York. Great for that guy right!! 


Alright so listen to the podcast and make sure to leave a comment subscribe. Share with friends and lets keep doing this thing!!!

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