Dude Thats Not What I Meant

Episode 72- Lebron Speaking out/Trolling Rubio/Chris Rock Special

Feb. 20, 2018

Yooooooo! Whats going on everyone! Its time for another episode of DUUUUUUUUUUDE Thats Not What I Meant Podcast! Thanks for downloading and streaming this episode. We love love LOVE the support that you all share. We show you guys love and you give it right back.

On this episode Rodescu Hopkins and Adrienne Brandyburg discuss Chris Rock brand new special, " Tambourine". What did you think of his special? Rodescu believes Chris special was better than the entire Netflix collection of Dave Chappelle's Special. Does Rodescu have a point??? Let us know what you think @whatimeantpod.

Lebron James spoke about Trump and Laura Ingraham had some very interesting words to say to say the least. Telling Lebron to, " SHUT UP AND DRIBBLE". Officially we would love to extend a Personal Invite to Laura and Lebron to come and sort of the issues here on the podcast. We would say that Laura's comments was possibly a, " Thats Not What I Meant" moment, but knowing Fox News. She defiantly meant that shit.

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