KENNEDY ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS: Dr. Ravencroft's Hollywood of Horrors

Dr. Ravencroft's Hollywood of Horrors

April 3, 2018

Ring in the death bell ....April is here!!!!!    My tales of fright this month are of an anthology of demons and the holy and the unholy ! in 1) Satan 2) Burn the holy place 3) Messiah Messiah 4) The unfinished nether-realm 5) Bezel burns 6) Pray to your master 7) satan's key 8) Blood of christ 9) Little bunny foo foo 10 ) a man in pain 11) who is this Jesus? Special frights here kiddies.......hahahahahahahahahahaha i love donations by the way and if you're an artist and you wanna contribute to this show contact me if you're brave hahahahahahahhaa neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.