Beautiful Money

Beautiful Money

Hosted by Holistic Wealth Expert Leanne Jacobs. Beautiful Money is the wealth and wellbeing podcast. Along with today’s most influential experts, Leanne shares wisdom, strategies and simple action steps you can take to get into the flow of Beautiful Money. You will learn how small actions can result in big transformation. Leanne and her guests will teach you how subtle internal shifts in your emotional, mental and physical health can result in you becoming a prosperity magnet. You will learn easy to apply strategies that will help you soar in business, in health and in life. Beautiful Money will teach you how to make ‘chasing money’ a thing of the past. Your new reality will be creating true wealth in an aligned, healthy and joyful way. It’s time to stop chasing money and start creating wealth. It’s time to start making Beautiful Money.

Sept. 9, 2017


May 26, 2017


Oct. 12, 2016


Aug. 3, 2016


July 27, 2016


July 6, 2016

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