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004 A.C. Cristales - Turn Your Back on What's Comfortable and Run toward Success

March 18, 2016

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Here’s what’s going down today on Creative Success

As a English language learner, growing up without a father, in a low economic neighborhood, AC Cristales found strength through the words he heard from his teacher. He then turned to hip hop music, with his own positive message, he began sharing his words and performing locally in small churches.

Eventually, he graduated from high school, and then college, became an educator himself, and went back for his master’s degree. As he stepped into the role as administrator, his colleagues began taking notice of the incredible impact and positive influence he had on students.

Driven to share his message beyond the walls of his own school, AC began speaking around the city. He had a decent job, with great potential for advancement, and was on the path to do so. He knows how that journey goes though, and ends, but AC wanted more.

He believed he was destined for something greater, and that’s what he ran toward. Just a couple years ago, he turned his back on a comfortable life, with a comfortable salary, and began running toward success. Fueled by his purpose, mission, and creativity, AC never looked back.

Creators, in this episode, you will witness the essence behind why I started this podcast.

And, if you’d like to connect with AC, I highly recommend looking at his website, picking up his book, and following him on social media. The links are below



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