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007 - The Cost of Doing Business

March 29, 2016

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In every life, regardless of circumstance, there’s a cost of doing business.

The wealthy, the poor, the uneducated, and well educated… We all have to pay it.

That’s me… And that’s you

Most people avoid paying these costs, by choosing to stay home, binge watch TV, continue going through the motions each day, week, and year after year.

There’s success to be had, it’s inside them, but they’re just not willing to pay the price.

Little do they know…

Even in a life like this, a life of mediocrity, a life that never pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, they still have problems, they still struggle…

And they still have to pay the cost of doing business.

Why me? Why am I struggling? What did I do to deserve this?

That’s the part of life they don’t teach you in high school… Or college

Shit is going to hit the fan no matter what! So, you might as well…

Go for your dreams…

Live a life you love…

And be ok with shit hitting the fan sometimes…

Because it will, whether you’re living your dreams or not.

The journey is the destination. And the struggles are an inherent part of our lives.

Today’s episode will help you minimize the occasions you need a rag to wipe the blood, sweat…

And the cost of doing business off your face…

Until next time Creators

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