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008 Ingrid Dinter - Tapping, Beating Cancer, and Supporting Our Veterans

April 1, 2016

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Now, imagine you move to a new country to start a new life.

A year later, you have your first child. A baby girl.

Now, 5 years after arriving in this new country, with a daughter getting ready for pre-school, you’re diagnosed with breast cancer.

That’s what Ingrid Dinter heard from her doctor in 2004.

Through some raw self-actualization, and questioning, she made a decision.

A decision to go all in and beat the cancer that was trying to kill her.

And she won…

Inspired by her father being a POW, she started working with veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan.

She’s had tremendous success, but she also noticed a big need in corporate America.

Companies just didn’t understand how to tap into the talents, skills, leadership, and the immense value of these highly trained veterans.

They didn’t understand how to bring them on and leverage their talent toward success.

That’s what Ingrid Dinter does today.

And if that wasn’t enough, the cancer came back!

If you’re a corporation considering the power and leverage behind hiring US veterans into your workforce…

I highly recommend you reach out to her to understand how to truly tap into their abilities

And, if you’re a veteran who thinks Ingrid can help you integrate back into civilian life…

All of her links can be found at:


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