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010 James McGinty - Recognizing Business Trends and Creating A Career You Love

April 7, 2016

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Noticing business trends is a skill and awareness worth developing.

It helped my guest today create a new career in before there wasn’t a need for his existing one.

What’s so awesome about his story is that he created a career doing something he already loved doing…

All while staying within the business sector.

James McGinty was in IT…

Teaching corporations and their employees how to effectively use PC based applications like excel.

To be an effective teacher, you must also be an effective communicator.

Noticing the gaps in communication between upper management and operational employees…

He took ACTION

If he can consult corporations how to better communicate the passion, the purpose, the mission behind what a company stands for

He could stand to have a career doing what he already loves to do…


He’s even expanded beyond that and has recently authored a book, which is being published in June of 2016:

It is What You Say

I’m very excited to have James McGinty sitting down with us creators to share this journey, what he did to get started, and where his creativity is taking him.

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010 James McGinty - Recognizing Business Trends and Creating A Career You Love

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