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013 Kelly Roach – NFL Cheerleader then Corporate Executive turned Unstoppable Entrepreneur

April 19, 2016

Leave Creative Success a flattering review right here…itunes.apple.com/podcast/id1092992214?mt=2&ls;=1Get the complete show notes, sign up for the very occaisional email list, or send us an email at:CreativeSuccessShow.com/13Our childhood experience shapes and influences who we are as peopleAnd who we’ll grow up to be.So many great creators were raised in situations they didn’t enjoyAnd they made a decisionThe decision that things are going to be differentThings are going to be betterAnd nothing will stop me from achieving it.Does that sound familiar?Here lies the foundation for Creators becoming Unstoppable.Unstoppable: 9 Principles for Unlimited Success in Business and LifeIs the title of the best-selling book of today’s guest on the Creative Success ShowKelly is an incredible mentor, coach, and friend of mine.She’s been nothing short of instrumental in helping me succeed And takes an active role in helping me promote what I’ve Created…Not to mention, I immensely enjoyed reading her book.It reminded and guided me back to the foundational principles that are most important to the growth of my businessIf you’re just getting started in your businessAre in the preparation and planning phase of starting your businessHave launched your side business in your spare timeI highly recommend picking up and reading Kelly’s bookAnd then reread it while you’re taking notes!We touch on some of those 9 principles in our conversation, but Kelly goes deeperReally opening the flood gates and holding nothing backIf you’re ready to take your business from start-up to UnstoppableGet her book and then get over to her website And see if working with Kelly is right for you and your businessFor all the links to connect with Kelly, head over to the complete show notes page atCreativeSuccessShow.com/13If you enjoyed this episode Creators, do me a favorGet social and share it!Most importantly, the 2 secs it took to shareCould be the 2 secs that change someone’s life…Don’t be shy. Be social!Until next time CreatorsYour Partner in Unstoppable Creative Success Tanner GersLinks:How to have an awesome career, relationships, sex, and everything you want with Charlie FuscoClick to view: show page on Awesound

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