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014 1 Tenth

April 21, 2016

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How do we create something special in our life, career, or business?

Somehow, someway, this Creative Success is achieved by separation.

Separating what you’re doing from everything else in a very specific way.

We must create an experience that’s like no other.

Something that’s remembered

Something that’s talked about

Something that’s shared

Something people want more of and want to be a part of

This is the essence of the Creative Success Show podcast

This is what’s behind the message a Creator sent me this past weekend

And, this is a fundamental pillar of your Creative Success

In today’s episode, I share how I learned this invaluable lesson as a child

From unknowingly running an illegal entrepreneurial operation!

I knew what I was doing…

I just didn’t know or realize that it was illegal at the time.

I’m not talking about being a Coyote running a human trafficking ring…

But that would be pretty impressive for a 4th grader and his younger brother.

You’ll have to listen to get the details behind that story…

But you’ll really want to listen to find perspective on the title of this episode.

Some of the things covered in this episode include

Being an overnight success…

The various businesses I’ve started in the past 10+ years

Why a unique experience is needed to thrive

What you’ll need to do to get that 1 tenth

And why this 1 tenth is often the difference between the champions and the forgotten

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I greatly appreciate you spending time with me Creators

And until next time…

Your Partner in Creative Success

Tanner Gers






1 Tenth is the suddle difference between Creative Success Champions and those who close up shop... So getting

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