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22 Champions Keep Going

May 19, 2016

For the complete show notes and to get on the Success Subscriber Newsletter, go toCreativeSuccessShow.com/22Champions succeed because they keep goingWhen the going gets tough…Champions keep going.Champions in school succeed because they keep goingChampions in sport succeed because they keep goingChampions in business succeed because they keep goingChampions in life succeed because they keep goingChampions decide to keep pushing… and stay the course…Thus, eventual success is a decision.Sure, things get tough because they always do.But Champions keep going.When I heard Dr. Jim Afremow talking about his first book,The Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Think Train and ThriveMy immediate thought was, I have to get this book…I read it. I loved it.And I read it again.In his book, Dr. Afremow discusses the various aspects of a champion’s mind…He talks about struggleAnd how champions handle it.Not how a champion deals with it…But how a champion handles it.How a champion talks to himself…Instead of listening to himself.How a champion does everything she can to win todayBecause right now is the only moment we have to be our bestAnd when you’re busy today procrastinating or dwelling on the past…That’s how you lose the game…That’s how you lose today.This isn’t the mind of a Champion.Tuesday’s podcast and blog post featured a true Champion, Charlie FuscoBut exclusively on the blog, I mentioned TheAthleteSummit.comIf you’re preparing to market your product, service, or website…I highly recommend you taking a look at the mistake I made in that marketing campaign…There’s a couple golden nuggets of knowledge there. In 2015, I interviewed Dr. Afremow for The Athlete Summit.I had to get him on the line to discuss his book and share it with the world.Interviewing all the big—time coaches for The Athlete Summit was amazing…Coaches I had been following for years…Coaches I looked up to…Coaches I deeply respected…Coaches who’ve taught me so much in my sports and coaching careers.But, when I hopped on the line with Dr. Afremow…It was different.Afremow was the first guest who actually did research on me before we hopped on the line.He knew I was blind, about the accident, and about my success as an athlete.After our interview, we had multiple conversations last year…And he helped me out a lot.He helped me make a huge breakthrough in my mental performance as an athlete…Another breakthrough in my development as an individual…And motivated me to finish writing my book.14 chapters and over 60,000 words later…It’s done. It’s ready for publication…At the end of one of our phenomenal conversations, Afremow let me in on a little secret.He was almost done writing his second book.And then goes on to say he’d like to feature me as an athlete in the book!Well, the book came out last Tuesday, May 10…To lose this opportunity we have today.This is just a teaser, but to get the entire 2000+ word article…C’mon over to the complete show notes page at:CreativeSuccessShow.com/22You can sign up for the Success Subscriber Newsletter there…And if you’re ready to get some support with being a champion in your life…Tell me were you’re struggleing…Where things are difficult…And where’s your biggest problem.Shoot me an email at…CreativeSuccessShow.com/contactUntil next time CreatorsYour Partner in Creative Success Tanner GersP.S. Let’s connect!CreativeSuccessShow.com/createfacebook.com/CreativeSuccessShow/twitter.com/TannerGersinstagram.com/TannerGerslinkedin.com/in/tanner-gers-22a95aClick to view: show page on Awesound

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