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24 Trolls, Unsolicited Criticism and 4 Hacks to Mute Em

May 27, 2016

Leave Creative Success a flattering review right here…itunes.apple.com/podcast/id1092992214?mt=2&ls;=1And if you’re already subscribed, just Search for Creative Success, click on the Creative Success Show, and leave a review by clicking on Reviews!It takes a sec, but it’s greatly appreciated!For the complete show notes and get with the Success Program Newsletter, go toCreativeSuccessShow.com/24Internet Trolls, Unsolicited Criticism, & 4 Hacks to Mute ‘EmInternet Trolls are waiting hungrily to deliver unsolicited criticism on our pictures, videos, life, and workBut it’s tough to handle internet trolls…Especially in life, at work, or on social media…Because when trolls aren’t hiding behind their smart phones, tablets, or desktops…They’re delivering unsolicited criticism behind your back.Because internet trolls would never say that stuff to your face…Why do people do this though?I believe it’s related to holding a deep dislike or hate for themselves…And they turn into trolls when at home… Criticizing everything in view on their touch screen’s…It’s a lot of the same people gossiping on lunch, on break, or through email?I have pretty thick skin…When I get criticism for something I’m doing… It does hurt a little.I’m human. I have emotions. I have feelings.But I remind myself of my purpose… Of my intentions…And that’s the inspiration behind this blog post and podcast episode…I’ll share with you some troll experiences, what I did, and provide…4 Hacks for Trolls and Unsolicited Criticism…One of the most Liberating and Supportive shifts I’ve made in my life and business is…Openly and unapologetically sharing my experiences with the sole purpose of helping others…It’s Liberating for me because I can be honest, open, and let it all hang out…#ShamelessIt’s Supportive because I know I’ve got peeps out there going through the same shit…Maybe not exactly 100% the same shit… But very, very similar…Which brings me to those hairy, smelly, unsolicited trolls and criticism.For all 4 Troll Hacks, c’mon over to the show notes page at:CreativeSuccessShow.com/24Until next time CreatorsYour Partner in Anti-Trolling and Creative Success TannerP.S. Let’s Connect!If you’re ready to work with me and Create Serious Success CreativeSuccessShow.com/createFollow us on FB herefacebook.com/CreativeSuccessShow/On Twitter heretwitter.com/TannerGersOn Instagraminstagram.com/TannerGersAnd my business Creators right herelinkedin.com/in/tanner-gers-22a95aLinks:How to have an awesome career, relationships, sex, and everything you want with Charlie FuscoClick to view: show page on Awesound

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