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3 Ways of Comparing Yourself: To Others, Goals & The Right Way

June 3, 2016

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Comparing yourself can be a disaster waiting to happen…

If you’re comparing yourself to others…

Or comparing yourself to the goals you set…

You’re going to live a sad life… You’ll dig yourself into a depression.

There’s a healthy, productive way to compare yourself… And I’m going to share with you all 3 ways.

As a heads up, I get very passionate on this recording…

And I get a little colorful with my language…

So don’t play this episode at the office or around those who’re easily offended.

Here’s the deal…

Comparing yourself can be a fantastic barometer for yourself.

It’s a great way to measure how well you’re moving the needle

In your life, your relationships, and definitely your business

But it can also be a real bitch.

A nasty ass bitch at that.

Because there’s 3 ways to compare yourself.

I’m having phenomenal success with my podcast.

Because that’s just how I choose to view it.

I choose to view it from this perspective.

Looking at where I started and where I am now… Today.

From where I was at last year…

To where I’m at in 2016

From where I was last month…

To where I am this month.

From where I was at last week…

To this week.

From yesterday…

To where I’m at right now.

The most important thing creators is consistency.

Consistently moving forward…

Consistently taking action…

Consistently believing in myself…

Believing in my mission…

Unapologetically being my best!

Now, Will I have bad days? No doubt.

You will too…

Will some weeks be better than others? Certainly.

As long as we have the intent to make progress… Consistency.

As long as we maintain the belief… Unbreakable.

As long as we take massive action… Relentless.

As long as we’re willing to take the risks…

And as long as we’re willing to take the hits…

Then keep getting back up! Again and again…

When we do this, we will have more better days, than bad.

We will live more dreams, then we’ll ever have regret.

We will keep getting better Creators.

And that’s what we intend. Better.

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