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Personal Values, Business Decisions, and A 7 Figure Dad

June 21, 2016

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Some use their personal values as a compass for making business decisions.

Others shamelessly throw their personal values out the window…

This results in many business decisions being based exclusively on productivity, customer acquisition, and the bottom line…

Instead of personal values, morals, or the welfare of others.

Take Chick-Fil-A for example…

The Chick-Fil-A founders are devout Christians who believe Sunday should be a day devoted to worship…

And this day is reserved as time best spent with one’s family. Thus, all Chick-Fil-A locations are closed on Sundays.

Whether or not you agree with those personal values, this is a very admirable business decision.

To put people over profits.

This is a perfect example of what I’m talking about… Business decisions rooted in personal values.

That’s why I’m excited about bringing you the story of the 7 Figure Dad, Jesse Belvin.

If the message in today’s episode resonates with you, I’d appreciate you sharing it.

Take just a couple seconds and bring this positive message to the Creators and world around us.

Sometimes, things are just out of our control.

To manage any tough situation, focus on what you can control. That’s how Creators thrive, not just survive

Maintaining focus on what we can control is the only way to not get bogged down in the knee-deep shit around us…

This Zen-like focus is what enables Jesse and all of us to make decisions. And once we’ve made it… We’ve got to move forward.

The best decision in any situation is deciding to be our best in this moment…

After you’ve chosen to give your best in this moment, no matter how shitty it seems… Decide what your next move will be…

Do you reach out for help? Hire a specialist? Get counseling? Put your head down and bust your ass?

The important thing is to not get crippled by whether or not you’re making the best decision possible… If you wait till you’re 100% certain you’re making the best decision possible, you’re waiting for a perfect world that doesn’t exist.

The fact of the matter is that you won’t know if you’re making the best decision until the fat lady sings…

Whatever you decide, find solace in knowing your business decision didn’t compromise your personal values.

Are these decisions tough to make? Absolutely! Doing the right thing is often the tougher thing to do…

Because cutting corners is easier… And operating unethically may yield an quick harvest…

But what will happen in the long term? More pointedly, how long until that decision comes back to bite you in the ass?

Making business decisions rooted in positive personal values grows trees that yield huge, abundant fruits

The second most important thing is that you maintained being the badass, powerful Creator you are all the way through to the fat lady hitting those high notes.

When we’re given lemons, We can make delicious lemonade… Or, we can plant the seeds to grow lemon trees!

Creators choose to find solutions.

Not just to make a situation better for us… But to make a situation better for everyone.

What seeds are you planting in your life Creators?

Hopefully seeds of personal values, morals, and abundance…

Until next time Creators…

Your Partner in Personal Values & Creative Success


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