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We're Human & 9 Tips to Get Closer to Perfect

June 30, 2016

Perfection is impossible, but these 9 tips will help you get closer and closer to perfect.

We’re Human. Humans Have Emotions. And they’re definitely not perfect emotions.

Plus, human emotions get in the way of us living perfect lives

At the least, they prevent us from moving closer to perfect.

But why? Why do humans have such strong, influential, powerful emotions?

“That’s just life,” alone doesn’t justify or well represent the human condition enough for me…

Nor does it justify our behavior, our thoughts, the ego, or our ability to create a legendary life worth living.

While perfect for you is different for me… Don’t we deserve to create perfect lives? At least as close to perfect as possible?

I think so… Regardless of how stubborn our emotions are… Or how they seem to keep getting in our way from moving closer to perfect.

Is a perfect life even possible? I think so… And I’ll share with you why and how…

Ok Creators, I guess we’re going a little fucking deep here today…

And for good reason… I found something deep within this human … And that’s what I want to share with you.

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