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How To Set and Reach Goals that Really Matter with Dale Richardson

July 5, 2016

How can you set and reach goals that really matter?

Setting goals that really matter is important…

And you can set awesome goals all day…

But if you don’t reach your goals… Do they really matter?

Creating big, meaningful goals… Aiming for the stars Creators is essential for your impact…

But, we’ve got to pull the trigger… And keep firing until the bulls-eye gets hit.

Keeping your eye on the prize and relentlessly taking action is more of an issue of mindset than anything else…

And that Creators… That mindset… That’s one way we will Live The Goals.

I recently met Dale Richardson and I had to bring him on The Creative Success Show for Creation Nation…

His story is truly phenomenal.

Dale was driven to succeed and driven to give back, keep giving back, and kept giving back to his community…

Even though he lost everything…

Including the love of his life.

Our stories are incredibly similar… And I’m so happy to have met this incredible man.

Dale’s mindset toward his goals, his life, and everything he does is why and how he’s achieved so much in his short life.

We’ve got a lot to learn from Dale…

So, while listening to Dale grace Creation Nation with his wisdom and message…

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I personally signed up for the free Mastermind Class Dale is facilitating because I know there’s so much more to learn from this great man…

I hope to see you there…

And until next time Creators

Your Partner in Living the Goals & Creative Success


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