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Teaching Passion and Enthusiasm in the Classroom and Life

July 13, 2016

Teaching with passion and enthusiasm in the classroom is how teachers really make a difference.

Because passion and enthusiasm is how you get the attention of students… No attention… No learning.

But, how does a teacher bring so much passion and enthusiasm into the Classroom day after day?

You’ve got to put energy into it, consistently, and that’s why Alex Hofeldt’s goal is to go home tired every day.

It’s my job! How dare you be a teacher & not bring passion & enthusiasm into the classroom?

Of course, this level of consistency, the impact that teachers have on their students has a significant impact on the outcome of their life.

We’ve all heard the stories of students being driven, motivated, influenced by those special passionate teachers…

The ones that pull the troubled students to the side to say,

“Hey, you’re special… You’re going to do something great, but you’ve got to get it together.”

Or it could be just as simple as hearing the words…

“I believe in you.”

It’s amazing how many students never hear this from their parents, their “role models”, or anyone…

Until they hear it from that 1 passionate enthusiastic teacher who actually does…

It saddens me that Passion & enthusiasm is so rare in a K-12 career, students feel obligated to thank me for it @AlexHofeldt

My wife is a passionate, enthusiastic teacher herself…

And I know how committed she is to her students…

Committed to making a positive impact on their lives.

While she teaches 2nd grade and Alex teaches up to 12th, maintaining that passion and enthusiasm in the classroom is essential regardless of the student you’re teaching…

I just wish our politicians were more passionate about providing more support to our teachers and the entire education system.

Here in Arizona, the average teacher’s salary is less than $34,000!

Which makes deriving passion and enthusiasm from your shitty teacher’s paycheck pretty hard…

It’s internal. It’s inspiration. It’s purpose.

Passion and enthusiasm isn’t exclusive to Alex’s teaching or his classroom…

It’s also true for him as a coach for Crossfit, yoga, and on his podcast…

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