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Real Energy, Real Business, and a Laptop Lifestyle with Karen Wojciechowski

July 19, 2016

For the complete show notes, c’mon over toCreativeSuccessShow.com/37Today, I’m talking with Karen from RealEnergyFood.comShe’s got an awesome entrepreneurial journey, now living the laptop lifestyle, traveling the world, and coaching her clients from anywhere there’s an internet connection.Before you get knee deep in awesomeness, do her and I a favor right now and share this episode. It’s loaded with great health and nutrition knowledge, sprinkled with some insightful entrepreneurial juice to help you get after today and kick it’s ass!Share to Twitter or Facebook in about 2 seconds from the podcast app on your phone…And as always, the best place to share is on the complete show notes page at CreativeSuccessShow.com/37I’ve got some shareable quotes and ideas from this episode right there… As well as those dynamic sharing buttons so you can quickly and easily share the episode to your favorite social channels…Karen’s mentor lives in Canada and I had the chance to meet him last week. He shared a couple stories of how Karen and her husband moved to Canada, to mountain bike, hike, and a lot of other awesome fun stuff with Dereck and his wife.It’s pretty amazing what we can create after we decide to do it and take massive, unrelenting action. My intention with the Creative Success Show is to help you create this same type of time freedom, financial freedom, and location freedom Karen enjoys, and live your life how you choose to live it. Karen is a great example of experiencing the fruits of her labor from behind her laptop.It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for this young entrepreneur, so let’s tune in to Poland, which is where she was when I caught up with her on this call…Also, if you’d like to get in Karen’s free Facebook group, c’mon over to the complete show notes page. I’ve got the direct link to join right there Until next time CreatorsYour Partner in Health & Creative Success TannerP.S. Let’s Connect!If you’re ready to work with me 1 on 1 toward your Creative SuccessCreativeSuccessShow.com/createFollow us on FB herefacebook.com/CreativeSuccessShow/I’m most active on Twitter heretwitter.com/TannerGersFor all my business Creators right herelinkedin.com/in/tanner-gers-22a95aAnd I’m surprisingly on Instagraminstagram.com/TannerGersLinks:CreativeSuccessShow.com/37Click to view: show page on Awesound

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