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Passion, Purpose, and Persistence Always Win - Monday Motivation

Aug. 29, 2016

Passion, Purpose, & Persistence Always Win… AlwaysPassion has consistently beaten genius…Purpose has beat luck…And since the beginning of time…Persistence hammered talent down through the ground… Over, and over, and over again.When there’s no more talent to tap into… Persistence burns strong.When luck has run dry… Purpose drives on…And when that genius gets tired… My passion is up burning the midnight oil…It’s like the light at the end of my tunnel…It gets brighter, closer, and warmer with each step I take.And so every day, I choose to take another step.Every day I keep going.1 step at a time. 1 day at a time.And my time… It’s right now.I choose to use my time to be better…I choose to read, to grow, to learn… To take the risks… Take action.I choose to take the risks… Take action… Even though I know failure is coming…I welcome it… Because through failure I continue growing… I continue learning…There is no pain from failure… There’s only growth.And through failure… My skin grows thicker.I know I will eventually win.My success is inevitable…And that’s why I stay moving…I can’t stop… I won’t stop…I can’t stop because I know my time is coming.I know I’m getting better…And with every day, I choose to become more and more ready.I choose to do everything I may to seize the day…Because I know… When my time comes… I’ll be ready.I won’t miss that opportunity.I know I will conquer, I will seize that opportunity. Because…Right here with me… Right here is my passion. My purpose. My persistenceI am a championI will win…And today… In my mind… I’ve already won.Welcome to MondayIt’s time to get out there and do something greatJoin The Success Program Newsletter on the site to get updates …If you enjoy this episode, please take 2 secs to share it on Facebook from the podcast app right now!I really appreciate it… And it really helps grow the show…For the complete show notes, to join the Success Program, as well as the shareable quotes and ideas from today’s episode…c’mon over toCreativeSuccessShow.com/MM1Follow us on iTunes, Stitcher & GooglePlayP.S. Let’s Connect!If you’re ready to work with me 1 on 1 toward your Creative SuccessCreativeSuccessShow.com/createI’m most active on Twitter twitter.com/TannerGersFollow us on FB facebook.com/CreativeSuccessShow/For all my business Creators right herelinkedin.com/in/tanner-gers-22a95aAnd I’m surprisingly on Instagraminstagram.com/TannerGersLeave Creative Success a flattering review right here…itunes.apple.com/podcast/id1092992214?mt=2&ls;=1And if you’re already subscribed, just Search for Creative Success, click on the Creative Success Show, and leave a review by clicking on Reviews!It takes a sec, but it’s greatly appreciated!Links:creativesuccessshow.com/mm1Click to view: show page on Awesound

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