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The Power of I Am Says the Blind Man, Joel Osteen, and Audible

Sept. 1, 2016

I used to say all the time, I see, says the blind man, but the blind man could not see.I used to think that was cute… And funny…Until I lost my sight in an auto accident 12 years ago…Not so cute or funny anymore.There were other contributing factors for the accident, but why did I lose my sight?We all know our minds influence our lives, but often discount the huge influence our words have on them…Your words are powerful creators…Do me a favor right now and share this episode It’s always nice to grow the audience, but Let’s share today to help others who need to hear this messageLet’s help those who are stuck using negative language, and experiencing sub optimal lives because of itShare this, right now from your phoneAnd of course we’ve got the sharing buttons on the mobile show notes page atCreative success show dot com slash 45About 5 years ago I first truly realized the power of I am…I heard a motivational speaker on YouTube discussing the significant power of words on our life…I don’t remember who said it, but I do remember thisHe illustrated how it starts in the mind, and our mindset, or attitude, is what influences our word choice and daily dialogue…More specifically, how we choose to talk to ourselves, and others, influences our behaviors, habits, and our potential for achievement in life.Personally, I believe we can start to change our mindset through our words… Especially if both our words and mindset are negative…And if you’re interested in creating a more positive, successful, financially and physically healthy life… Words will take you a long, long way…Which brings us to today, and why we’re here.A couple weeks ago I was skimming through the Audible library when I came across the book…The Power of I Am: How 2 Words Will Change Your Lifebit.ly/powerofIamI’m always interested in bettering my life, so I downloaded the book to my iPhone.I enjoyed this book so much, I actually read it twice back to back!After this review, I hope you decide to read Joel’s book, and apply the power of I Am into your life as well…, My favorite chapter is the second, Be positive or be quiet.At first, when I heard the title of the chapter, I rolled my eyes a bit. We’ve all heard this saying before…If you’ve got nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all.I guess feelings were popping up from my childhood.So annoying! With an open mind, I pushed through, and I’m glad I did.Because there are some big, practical, life-changing points in this chapter…The other thing I loved about this book is all the little anecdotal stories Joel tells to complement the points he’s driving home., We all learn through stories… And I’m a big believer in using stories as vessels for learning, teaching, and communicating. There’s a couple other points I’d like to share that really resonated with me.First, is finding content in this moment…It’s ok to be in the run-down apartment. It won’t be forever… As long as you tell yourself… Believe in yourself… And say it’s getting better…You’re moving up, increase is coming. It’s already on its way to me and my family…, Joel outlines tons of phrases and stories for all types of situations in this book…Making everything in The Power of I Am Very easy to apply into your life, and Your specific situation.You can listen to Joel himself tell these stories and I Am statements right now for free on Audible…bit.ly/powerofIamIn chapter 17, I Am Forgiven, Joel discusses how it’s ok to make mistakes…And shares the story of Rachel Smith, who won Miss America, and later was competing in the Miss Universe contest to drive his point home…He hits it out the ball park., It made me think about what happens if you don’t forgive yourself…It made me think of those who live in regret…And most tragically, those filled with regret in the last moments they’re alive.Will you forgive yourself Creators?Will you allow yourself to remember the good and let go of the mistakes?And Start using the pClick to view: show page on Awesound

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